Golden Touch Gold Tester

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Golden Touch Gold Tester
User Instructions

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The Golden Touch Gold Tester will establish if the jewelry is of solid gold or only plated with a thin layer of gold and if it is 22K, 18K, 14K, or 9K. After a short practice you will be familiar with the functions, and will receive reliable test results.

1. Install a 9 volt battery.

2. Turn black screw (4.) counter-clockwise. Window frame (7.) will move up.

3. Place test strip (5.) under the window, turn screw clock-wise, until window is locked on the strip.

4. Turn rotary switch (1.) to test position. Light (2.) will turn on.

5. Pull out cable (3.) and fasten clip to the jewelry.


6. In Test position, hold the jewelry (not the clip) between your thumb and pointer press the edge of the jewelry lightly to the test strip and hold it for 3-4 seconds, to establish a proper electro-chemical reaction, then gently and slowly slide along. If it contains gold (between 6 and 24 karat), it will draw a brownish line. Plated jewelry may leave at the beginning a short line without continuation. Repeat the test with any jewelry in doubt.

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Karat Grade:

7. To determine the grade of gold, turn the rotary switch to the highest grade (22K). If jewelry leaves a brownish line, it is 22K. If not, turn it to the next lower grade (18K, 14K, or 9K). The first clear line will determine the grade of gold.

You can determine grade of gold also by the color of lines. The higher grade gold (24-22k) will leave an orange-brown line. The lower grades (18-9K) will leave a brown / dark-brown line.

Grade of gold by color of the lines.

Test Strip:

If the strip is full of lines, release the window screw and move the strip to expose unused space, or replace the strip. The brownish lines will disappear after a few hours and the test strip can be reused on either side.

If the tester is not in use, move rotary switch to off position. Make sure light is off and battery is disconnected. Return the cable to the compartment and clip it to its holder. Remove the test strip and wipe the metal plate with a damp cloth to avoid corrosion.

Replace the battery if red light becomes weak or does not turn on.

If you need technical support using the “Golden Touch” tester, please call us and we will be happy to assist you.

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