by Oris Nelson



1. Rotate the Thumbwheel to the right for large stones located in the upper right corner of the unit

2. Press the ´ON´ button

3. The Wait Lamp will be lit.

4. All other display lamps will remain extinguished for the wait period, which is typically less than nine seconds at room temperature. The time can increase with low temperatures or a weak battery. After the wait period there is a single beep.

5. If the waiting time exceeds twenty seconds or the Wait Lamp fails to extinguish replace the battery.

6. The Diamond Tester is ready to use after the Wait Lamp extinguishes and the Ready Lamp is lit.

7. When testing is completed always press the ´OFF´ button. Always turn off the unit immediately after testing to increase battery life.


The CZeckpoint has been designed to assist the professional jeweler and gemologist who can visually identify older Diamond Simulants such as YAG, Sapphire, or Titanite, but who may have some difficulty in spotting CZ and Moissanite gems, particularly smaller stones set in gold or silver. For this purpose the CZeckpoint provides a fast, reliable and universally accepted method to confirm the user´s judgment. While Ceres thermal conductivity tester have been proven themselves as inexpensive and practical aids to identify diamond-like gems, positive identification should be confirmed by the use of more sophisticated methods of evaluation, coupled with the experienced skills and judgment of the user.


· The presence of dust, dirt, film and moisture on a stone may produce an inaccurate indication. Therefore, it is prudent to routinely clean the surface of each stone to be tested by using a damp soft clean fabric followed by drying using a dry soft clean fabric.

· Remove the protective cover from the probe.

· The tip of the probe should be cleaned frequently by wiping the tip across the surface of a piece of bonded paper or business card. Copier paper and fax paper are to be avoided.

· An accidental dropping of the unit may damage the tip of the probe. Always place the protective cover over the probe immediately after use. Probe tip damage is exempted from the warranty.

· During testing the users hands should be clean and dry. Do not wear gloves. One of the user´s ´bare´ fingers must be touching the rear metal plate.

· The stone to be tested should be allowed to reach room temperature.

· For maximum accuracy, minimize handling of the stone prior to testing. If the item to be tested consists of a setting containing many stones requiring more than ten seconds to test, user must avoid heating the setting with his/her hand; allow the item to be untouched for about fifteen seconds.

· Best results are obtained by performing test on still air. Avoid fans, drafts or air movement from air conditioning or heating sources. Avoid breathing directly on the probe tip while testing.


1. Choose either: (A) the LARGE (normal) stone position when testing stones .08 Carat or larger (move the LARGE/SMALL stone switch to the right) (B) the SMALL stone position when testing stones .08 Carat for smaller (move the LARGE/SMALL stone switch to the left).

2. The ambient temperature should be between 65ºF and 95ºF for testing.

3. Hold the unit in your hand so that your fingers are in contact with the conductive panel (located on the on the backside of the unit).

4. With the other hand hold the stone to be tested by its setting.

5. Guide the probe tip to the center of a facet on the stone.

6. Touch the probe tip to the stone so that the probe tip is firmly and squarely against the facet of the stone. Excessive downward pushing force may bend or break the tip must be avoided.

7. If a Diamond is being indicated the GREEN lamp will flash and a beeping sound of three (3) BEEPS will be heard.

8. If the RED Low Battery lamp remains on after twenty seconds replace the battery.

9. Stones being worn, which may be well above room temperature can be tested immediately using the manual mode. Simply set the range set point one lamp number greater than what the calibration chart indicates or allow the stone to return to room temperature before testing.

10. When testing a SMALL stone AVOID incidental heating of the stone by the probe; make good contact against the stone on the first test attempt, otherwise, allow the stone to return to room temperature before retesting.

11. Observation of display activity allows user to determine a number of things:

    • Diamonds cause rapid “Movement up the display” and LARGE Diamonds “Move all the way to lamp eleven quickly”
    • Cubic Zirconium hardly “Move up the display, at all”
    • Other Semi-Precious gems consistently “Move up the display” various distances based on their size.
    • The only stone that comes close to reading as a Diamond is the LARGE Sapphire or Ruby (Corundum). It “Moves up the range” very slowly compared to a Diamond and the slow movement is a further indication of Sapphire. Also the kind of color of the stone usually allows easy rejection of the Sapphires. Large white Sapphires can approach the Diamond range but these stones can be rejected because they do not “SPARKLE” as Diamonds do under normal incandescent lighting.


      METAL ALERT – The sounding of a continuous audible tone indicates that the probe tip is in contact with the users hand, the setting, or the testing platform. The “TONE” is also accompanied by the display being momentarily turned off. The remedy is to reposition the probe tip as described under “AUTO TEST” section.

    • DIAMOND SIMULANTS – When testing Cubic Zirconium’s, “PASTE”, Strass and other Diamond Simulants there will be “NO” illumination of the GREEN Diamond lamp that will be observed. However, some Diamond Simulants may light one YELLOW lamp beyond the initial set point.

    • DIAMONDS – Testing of a Genuine Diamond will cause the GREEN Diamond lamp to FLASH (along with the RED error light) and a discontinuous BEEPING will sound


       · Always place the protective cover on the probe immediately after use. Probe tip damage is not covered in the warranty.

    • · The only maintenance required is:

        • 1. Clean the Probe Tip

        • 2. Battery Replacement (9Volt Battery)


       Oris Nelson Enterprise, Inc. provides that each Diamond Detective will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from date of purchase. (Batteries and Probe Tip are not included in Warranty) This warranty becomes void by:

      1. Unauthorized repair, misuse, modification, and alteration, tampering or breaking any factory seal.

      2. Accidental damage, neglect or improper use.

      Oris Nelson Enterprise, Inc. shall not be held legally liable or responsible for any error in display indication or the interpretation thereof in the identification of any stones, minerals, gems or gemstones by the Diamond Detective.