1. To aid in the identification of Diamonds, Synthetic Moissanite & other gem stones with a single instrument.
  2. Consistent and Reliable test results
  3. User friendly & portability

It utilizes the combine principles of Thermal and Electrical Conductivity from our patented technology. The measuring probe together with the electronic circuitries are designed to pick-up and segregate data collected from the stones via a customized micro-controller. Within a split of a second, the test result will be displayed.


  • 1. This model is powered by three (3) AAA batteries or AC adapter (both Optional). Remove the battery cover from the instrument and insert the batteries, when inserting the batteries tak e note of the positive and negative direction. It is recommended to use alkaline batteries for longer battery life. The battery is estimated to last two and a half hours of continuous use. It also operates efficiently with a AC adapter connected directly to an electrical outlet. Use only the adapter (optional) supplied by Presidium and check the electrical input voltage (230v or 120v) is correct before use
  • 2.Testing must be done at room temperature (18-27?C or 65-80?F). Prior to any testing, always allow the gems or jewelry pieces to adjust to the room temperature. The gemstone must be clean and dry before test, elaborate cleaning procedures are not necessary.
  • 3. Removed the protective cover from the probe tip. Check that the probe tip is clean to ensure contact with the gem. It is a good habit to rub the probe tip gently over a piece of paper before testing.
  • 4. ON/OFF slide switch is located on the back side of the tester, switch ON the unit and wait for about 25 seconds for the instrument to warm up. While waiting you will notice a green light (READY) blink continuously. Once the blinking stops, the instrument is ready for use.
  • 5. If you are testing a mounted jewelry hold the jewelry with one hand and the tester with the other, if you are testing a loose stone place the stone on a conductive pad (provided with the instrument) and hold the conductive pad on the flat surface with one hand and the tester on the other.

    6. To ensure proper operational use of the metal detector the electrical conductivity, two of your fingers must be in contact at all time with the metal plated serrated part (conductor) conveniently located near the measuring probe on both sides of the tester.

    7. Apply just enough hand pressure to depress the protruding probe tip at right angle to the facet of the stone that you are going to test thus, allowing the probe to retract completely into the housing. With the fully retracted probe, it will automatically maintain a steady and constant contact between the probe and the facet of the gemstone where the measurement is taking place. Either one of the below test results will appear instantly from the measuring zone:

  • ORANGE color LED will light up with a (quick intermittent beep) to alert user when METAL is detected.
  • RED color LED will light up either in one section or rising rapidly when a SIMULANT is detected. (NOTE: if a piece of glass, CZ or low thermal conductivity material is detected nothing will happen “No red LED will appear at all”.
  • YELLOW color LED will light up when a MOISSANITE is detected.
  • GREEN color LED will light up whe a “continuous audible beep” when a DIAMOND is detected.
  • 8. The instrument will power down automatically after 10 minutes from the last measurement. In this sleep mode, an intermittent audible beep will continue to alert you until you turn off.

    9. The Presidium Multi Tester has been calibrated in the factory; no further adjustment or calibration is necessary until the next servicing. If it does not test correctly, contact a service center nearest to you immediately.


  • To achieve optimum accuracy for very small stones (10 points and below) it is important to allow the stone to cool down before the next test.
  • One must NOT use the instrument when the low battery indicator is lighted; this is to prevent any inaccurate measurements.
  • Change batteries or recharge the batteries as soon as the low battery indicator light appears. Do not leave dead batteries in the tester as they will corrode and cause damage to the instrument. Batteries should be removed when the instrument is to be stored for an extended period of time.
  • The probe tip of the instrument is very delicate and it should be handled with carefully. One must exercise caution when removing the protective cover so as not to damage the tip. When the instrument is not in use, always replace the protective cover.
  • It is recommended to have your instrument service and calibrated once a year.
  • The Presidium Multi Tester had undergone thorough and extensive laboratory tests and checks. It will give the user a clear and reliable indication of whether or not a particular gemstone is a Diamond, Moissanite or otherwise.
  • Under no circumstances shall Presidium Instruments Pte Ltd the manufacturer or any of its subsidiaries, distributors be liable for direct or indirect damages sustained in connection with this instrument.



  • The probe and particularly its tip should be handled carefully. Especially when removing the protective cap from the pen top, be careful not to damage the tip. When the probe is not in use, always replace cap on the probe pen.
  • Change batteries as soon as the indicator lamp fails to come on brightly
  • Do not leave worn out batteries in the meter case as they may lead to corrosion. Batteries should be removed when the instrument is to be stored for any extended period of time.





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