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Diamond Pro is a unique high technology professional digital instrument where all of its operations are controlled by microprocessor with latest computerized, superior surface mount technology featuring fast start-up and instant recovery for a test. This device separates real Diamonds from traditional Simulants and Moissanite. If the operator of this instrument does not carefully follow the instructions listed below the end result might be incorrect operation and misleading test result.


1. Remove protective snap-on cap from the probe tip to expose the sensor tip. Slice ON/OFF switch to the “ON” position. The unit responds with a brief beep and the red READY light start blinking indicating that the device is getting ready for operation when the “READY” light stops blinking and stays on the device is ready to be used.

2. Testing for Diamond, Traditional Simulants and Moissanite; gently press and keep the tip on the stone until the audible “CLICK” is heard. When the test is complete the signal automatically goes to appropriate light accompanied by a distinctive BEEP, and no further testing is required

      · If the stone is a Diamond the GREEN “Diamond” light will illuminate
      · If the stone is a Simulant the YELLOW “Simulants” light will illuminate
      · If the stone is a Moissanite the “Moissanite” light will illuminate
      · If there is Metal “Metal” light will illuminate

      · If the test is not complete the READY light will blink a few times then returns to the on position. When testing the stone be sure you place your thumb on the metal plate in the front side of the unit to prevent false indication. The sensor tip must e in contact with the stone only (NOT METAL) for accurate test.

      NOTE – To Identify CZ and certain other low grade Simulants with “Simulants” light and associated sound the sending tip should bw pressed against the stone in such a way that the audible click should be heard. Other wise no indications will take place.


3. *IMPORTANT NOTE: Certain types of Moissanite stones have an electrical conductivity comparable to metal. Please follow these guidelines

· If the test is being performed and the sensor tip has contact only with the stone and the “Metal” indication light comes on, the stone the stone must be a Moissanite. To be sure that the stone is a Moissanite repeat the test on metal and the stone again

TURN OFF – Slide ON/OFF switch to “OFF” position, and store until next use. If the instrument left turned On for more that four (4) minutes will automatically shut itself off and audible sound will sound every 10seconds indicating that the ON/OFF switch needs to be returned to the “OFF” position.

4. Operating temperature – This tester can operate in HOT and relatively COLD environment from 60ºF (15ºC) to more than 100ºF (40ºC).

5. Cleaning – The probe tip on the Diamond Pro will need to be cleaned regularly. To clean, depress and rub the probe tip on a piece of white bond paper or sand paper. If necessary, scrape the tip with a fine needle file.

6. Loose Stones – The instrument kit contains a small metal plate for testing loose stones. Place the stone table face up on the metal plate and test. You will not obtain the reading with the plate unless you hold the plate with your other bare hand.

7. Power Source – The Diamond Pro equipped with brand name “AAA” alkaline batteries for continuous work of 4-6 hours. When there is no sound following the initial “TURN ON” and the “READY” light blinks non-stop it indicates that the battery is low. The device must be turned “OFF” and the batteries replaced. Operating the Diamond Pro with low batteries could result in false reading.

8. Optional power source – in addition to “AAA” alkaline batteries the unit will operate with optional AC/DC converter available either from our authorized distributor or directly from TRI Electronics, Inc


If there is any questions or problems regarding Diamond Pro operation , please contact our service department by phone 1-282-571-4881 or Fax 1-282-571-5404. Most of the problems can be easily and efficiently resolved over the phone. At your preference you can contact us via e-mail service@trielectronics.com or write: Tri Electronics, Inc. 9570 Ridgehaven Court, Ste A, San Diego, CA 92123.


Tri Electronics, Inc. as the manufacturer of the Diamond Pro tester, believes the instrument will provide a fast and reliable test which will determine the authenticity of diamonds when used in strict accordance with the provided instructions. Tri Electronics, Inc. warrants that each instrument is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. This warranty applies to a Diamond Pro tester that is not abused or improperly used and only if the device is used in accordance with the Owners Manual furnished by Tri Electronics, Inc. this warranty does not cover: any product where an attempt to disassemble the same is established; modifications; alterations; un-authorized repair or service of the product or damages or defects resulting from accident or any events beyond the control of Tri Electronics, Inc. The warranty is offered to the original purchaser only and proof of purchase is required for the warranty to be effective. Batteries are excluded from the warranty.


Upon purchase of this instrument the purchaser, their assigns or any other user of this instrument understands and accepts the fat that Tri Electronics has no control over the use of conditions of the tester in operation nor does Tri Electronics have full or complete access to or current or complete knowledge of the unique synthetic stones, grown stones, or new chemical alterations of man made gem stones. It is, further, expected that the purchaser, their assigns or any other user of this instrument is knowledgeable of gem stones and understands their obligation to conduct traditional or special alternate test on suspicious gemstones to protect their interests. Based on these conditions, which are clearly understood to be beyond the control of Tri Electronics, the purchaser, their assigns or any other user of this instrument agrees upon purchase or use of the instrument to waive any right to legal actions against Tri Electronics resulting from erroneous tests in excess of the values of the tester.

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